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Thread: Ft. Loudon weed growth

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    Default Ft. Loudon weed growth

    I am guessing this is appropriate for this folder, has anyone else noticed the growth of weeds (or whatever it is) especially on Ft. Loudon right there from the bank out about 20-30 feet or so? I have noticed it in the mid to upper part of the lake.

    Reminds me of the millfoil that grew in Ft. Nasty years ago back in the 70's as a kid. From what I remember about it, TVA and better water quality helped to get rid of it. The stuff I see now doesn't look like the millfoil of yesteryear, but maybe some one knows what and why it is here?
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    Indeed milfoil and itís got bass in it! Some of them pretty big. It grows as much as they will let it, fishes pretty good even into December

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