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    With the weather so nice, I decided to head out and fish today. They finally shut down the turbines on the Hiwassee so I headed over there. I got on the water around noon and things did not start very well in the catching department. I saw another guy that was just hauling 'em in one after the other so I knew that I should be catching some. I went up the river to just below the powerhouse and hit a good hatch of brown stoneflies. There were a lot of fish rising but still no hookups. I finally tied on an EHC and got a fish on the first or second cast. I missed a few more fish, probably because I'm a little rusty from the winter
    They turned on one turbine for an hour so I moved downstream aways. I finally started figuring out what the fish wanted and the rest of the day was easy. I caught fish on wetflies swung downstream before the pulse caught up with me and drove me back upstream. I went back below the powerhouse and the stoneflies were still there. I tied on a zebra midge for a dropper below the EHC. I caught a bunch of fish that way, most were hitting the dry. Finally, I headed back down the river and found a great midge hatch. The fish were taking the zebra midge on every cast for awhile. I lost count of all the fish I caught. Someone with the river dialed in a little better probably could have caught 75 fish at least. In the late afternoon, the fish started keying on emerger or adult midges. I didn't have any patterns small enough so I finally called it a day. The Hiwassee is fishing REALLY well right now. If you have time and they aren't generating, definately give it a try.

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    No time for a full report right now because I'm hitting the water early tomorrow. But in a nutshell, David's report is dead on. The hatch of brown stones was very thick and rewarding, as was several standard nymphs (deep and in the film) on good presentation.

    Over the past few years, the Hiwassee tailwater has been high over the winter and currently, it looks like the water will be off quite a bit in the near future depending on rain. IF you've not been down for a visit because of the high water....well now's your time.

    Take your wading staffs, extra clothes, be careful, and take your time. A lot of the river is wadable right now, but the HI can be a workout in wading. It is well worth it though! And just think....hendricksons are not far off!!!!

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