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Thread: Best Flies

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    I believe the red zebra midges that I have used had a silver beadhead and silver wire. I bought them at a fly shop since I don't tie my own yet. Same thing on the brassies. I can't rember what color thread and wire, I think it was copper wire.

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    Backcountry FF, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find the tying recipe for the midge emerger and Dean Campbell's Christmas Bugger? And for Griff, what color of thread and wire do you use on the Brassie?
    See the fly tying section. I'll tell you how I tie them.
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    would anybody know some good nymphs for the clinch river?

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    Pheasant tails in size 14 through 18 work well to immitate the Sulphur nymphs. Soft hackles in 16-18 work well where there are populations of caddis.

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    do you have the tying recipe or the tying instructions for the Soft Hackle? And, would you happen to know of any good terretrials to use?

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