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Thread: building own rod

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    Hey Griff.......

    my rod kit should be here by Wedn. .... I ordered a 7'6" 2pc 3wt graphite from , I will build this one for my daughter for Christmas. I also ordered her one of those new ross flystart reels from LRO to get her going (maybe Dad can get his orvis set back) ........

    I also was bored waiting for it to get here so I went out and picked up some wood and am finishing up a rod winding device. If it works out I'll bring it to class in Jan. and show you. I've patterned it after one I saw in catalogs, so we'll see how it works.....

    ps.....the rod was a Matrix I believe
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    I've heard a lot of good things about that Matrix blank. How old is your daughter? My girls aren't ready for fly rods just yet, maybe in a couple of years. Enjoy the build! I would like to see your wrapping jig, I am still using a cardboard box. I did add a fancy new thread tensioner to it for building my girls' rods.

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