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Thread: Fishing in Cataloochee valley?

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    Default Fishing in Cataloochee valley?

    Hows the fishing over on the Cataloochee side? Been over there a couple times to elk watch but never fished? Going to be up there in late Sept and wonder if it would be worth the time?
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    Hey Dawgvet, just got back from Cataloochee on Sunday. That place is beautiful, but we are talking about fishing....Last weekend the water temp down low was somewhat high, so the fish were pretty lethargic. However, we did catch a 9.5" rainbow and a 10" brown. We also tried higher up some of the streams and did fairly well. We did not encounter another person fishing the whole weekend. I am going back the last weekend of Sept, and am extremely excited. I would recommend going upstream somewhat to get into some of the pocket water. My buddy caught a 7.5" brookie alongside one of the many well traveled hiking trails. I am sure there are other streams that offer larger fish and more fish, but Cataloochee holds a special place for me. I hope this helps....

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