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Thread: Next Week?

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    Default Next Week?

    My wife and I are going to spend all next week in the mtns, now for the crystal ball question:

    Will we need to be on the river at the crack of dawn or wait till the water has had a chance to warm up?

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    I'd vote to sleep in and enjoy !!!!
    Fishing seems to be best when the sun hits the water or even the rocks, and again late in the afternoon and until dark, so you'll have plenty of time to fish.

    Enjoy the mornings sitting and listening to the water or whatever else the mountains offer up.
    But most of all.....enjoy !!!!!


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    I'll second what Justfishing said. It has cooled down enough that the fish will bite well all day. However, if you want to target large fish, they are more likely to feed early or late. If it was me, I would be lazy and sleep in! 8-)
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    I would suggest doing both since you are going to be there all week. Pick a day or two to hit it early and sleep in a little on the other days.

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    Thanks for the replies, the Supreme Commander (aka the wife) votes for the sleep late plan.

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