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    just wanted to say hello to everyone I have been reading this board for several months and finally joined. I also had the pleasure of visiting LRO and bought a fishpond wasatch pack but have to waite till christmas to get to use it. you think if you volunteered to go and buy our own present you would get to use it before Christmas. Hoping to learn to catch a few in the GSMNP. I have managed to catch a 7" brookie on cosby creek but no luck in the rest of the park yet.
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    Welcome to the board!
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    welcome. I know what you mean about getting stuff and not getting to use it. i recently purchased the rod that I've been been wanting for about 3 years. I've fished it 3 times, but have yet to catch a fish on it. I just want to know how a fish feels on it, then I'll put it away for the winter.

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    I second that notion, too. I was lucky - I got to break in my new rod over Thanksgiving, so now it has a few fish to its credit. However, I'm greedy - I want another chance around New Year's, if the weather will cooperate.

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    Thank you for joining the board and visiting the shop. Thanks also for purchasing your Fishpond Pack. They are one of our favorite companies to do business with.

    You will learn a lot by visiting this board. I sure have.


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