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Thread: Floating the Clinch

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    Default Floating the Clinch

    I've never floated the Clinch, aside from taking the kayak out today and paddling a bit upstream from the 61 bridge.

    Where do most folks float from: Miller's Island to Peach Orchard, Miller's to 61, or Peach Orchard to 61? About how far is it from Peach Orchard to the 61 ramp? I know it would be a long float with no generators, but the kayak is pretty good going through thin water.

    Also, you folks know of anyone who does shuttle services?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I don't know much of the Clinch beyond wading the weir and Miller's Island.

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    that would be a good way to learn more, float all of the river that's the way i learned years ago with a canoe. call a taxi company in clinton.

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    Floating the clinch can become a task if you are not familiar with the river. For a short float....millers to peach orchard. long float ...peach to 61 bridge.
    I would suggest getting a guide trip for my 1st float on any river. Knowledge passed along is a lot better that no knowledge at all. I know it can be pricey but the long term benefits are definately there.

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    Default Floating Clinch

    Thin water is not the issue on the Clinch. It's the "water may rise rapidly without warning" that is the problem. Several concerns with tailwaters. Once that water starts down on you there is NO turning back. Even when I had a drift boat and got some unexpected discharges (twice), all you can do is ride it out, and that means 5-6 mi. if you put in at peach to 61. That might mean riding it out in the dark, or spending the night on the bank. There are really no homes close to the river if you get into trouble.

    Two, can you handle that kayak in 3-6K cfs, ie eskimo roll if you turn over? I have a touring kayak, but I think I would only run it for sure when they get into the all day off routine during the fall, and then only to peach orchard and back before they cut on again. Yes, I am conservative in my ripe old age of 50, but that is big water your talking about.

    From Millers to peach is OK, but beyond Massengill bridge there is some DEEP water, and really does not start to get shallower until past I75 bridge. Miller's towards the weir is a safe bet with good fishing on those shoals at low water. State record of 26# and change got pulled from that area. And by all means, unless you have a death wish, going over the weir in a kayak is probably more dangerous than russian roulette.

    I have to give it to TVA for posting schedules like they do. However, they can and DO change the schedule without warning. It's their business, and I am just grateful for the help they do give. The Corp of Engineers in Ark. only let you know what they are doing at that present time which is hard to deal with in knowing rising or falling water.

    Hope this helps.

    Chicken, but still fishing.

    Flat Fly''n

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    Default Chasing water....

    I've done the chasing of low water out in Arkansas before.... Were heading for McClellans on the Norfork... nope where heading to Bull Shoals on the White.... Change that, now we need to get down river fast, on to Buffalo Shoals maybe we can get in a few hours before the water comes up. LOL......

    That is when I became grateful for the information that TVA does give.
    You can't depend on your judgement when your imagination is out of focus. - Mark Twain

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