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    Question Rod Wisdom

    I have an Orvis Silverlabel 7'9", 2 wt, 2 piece rod that I use for the mountain streams. I want to get a 3 or 4 piece that is easier to carry on backcountry trips. I carry a St. Croix 4 piece 4 weight now with a Cabelas travel rod as back-up. I want to utilize the 2 weight line and reel. Would you buy an Orvis Superfine 6' or T3 or a Winston WT? Or are there any other suggestions? I know someone out there has used both.
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    I have a WT 3wt, excellent rod. I also have an old school superfine 6'6". I like it too. If you're concerned about getting something small to pack in, check out the winston LTs (5 piece). I have 5 rods all of different makes. They all fish pretty well, but the winston, it just has this certain feel to it. it's "special".

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