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    Well guys and gals it was a great weekend! Many of the fine fly fishers that you see on the board each day under “currently active users” were present and I had the great pleasure to meet many of you and share a plate of B-Cue. Sorry if you were there and we didn’t get a chance to chat. There’s always next year. I hope this will become an annual event and I look forward to it.

    Even though I didn’t wet a line the whole weekend (a first), because of promises I made to my son (4y/o who had his own agenda) I truly enjoyed the perfect weather,comaraderie, troutfest and mountain atmosphere. I will get my fishing fix with a BC trip in a couple of weeks!

    From all the reports it sounds like the fishing was “on” for many of you stream savvy trout chasers. Kudos to your success and we still have all summer to go (insert rain sometime in the near future). See you out there!!

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    "Great things are done when men and mountains meet." William Blake

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