In order to post on this site with pictures, here are some handy, dandy tips.
  1. Host your picture on a site, such as In order to do this, go to the site and create an account (it is free). While in photobucket (or any similar site), upload your picture from your computer into photobucket. (It is always nice, though not absolutely necessary, to resize your picture to 75%. This makes loading and viewing easier for all. There is a box that allows this resizing of the photo right there with the photo in photobucket.)
  2. You will be provided with 4 addresses under the photo when it is loaded in photobucket. Copy the url address of the image.
  3. Come to the post here where you wish to post the picture.
  4. Press on the icon above that has the picture of mountains. (In order to see the icons you must have your user set up to do so. If you do not see the icons, go to your user profile by clicking on "User CP" from the message board home page. Go to "edit options" and click, scroll down the page to "Message Editor Interface", you will need to select "Enhanced Interface-Full WYSIWYG Editing", then save your changes. Now you should be able to see the icons in your posting box.)
  5. It will prompt you to insert the url address you just copied. Paste the url address there.
  6. Your image should appear in your post.


2. Copy the [img ] [ /img] address and paste it in your post here. There will be no spaces in the brackets. Your image should appear in your post.

If you have any questions, pm or email or call (865/448-9459) Paula.

Hope this helps.