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Thread: Little River Beginner Fly Fishing School

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    Default Little River Beginner Fly Fishing School

    Just want to thank you and let you know what a great time the little woman and son had at your school. I was afraid that would be too long a day for Blake, but he had a great time. They both talked about it all evening long and were much more adept on the stream the next day. We fished about 1 -45 minutes and Kathy caught 2 on her own on drys, (she understood the current seams after the class) while Blake had the big fish of the day on a nymph, about a 13" bow. Nearly wore him out!

    Need to get them back for the on-stream day as well.

    Blake is going to be 10 the first November, you all held his attention and I bet being there with Mom had something to do with making the day a success. I do have a bone to pick with you all though for I was told that I was doing several things wrong Sunday by both of them because Paula or Walter do it differently!

    Thanks again, I think they are on their way!


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    Smile Cool Beans!

    That just makes me smile!

    Thanks, John, for the nice comments about the school. They were both great students! We really enjoyed having them in the class!

    Give them both a ^5 from me!


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