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Thread: Lefty is not gone.

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    Default Lefty is not gone.

    Lefty and all of us decided the "Hey Lefty" forum wasn't getting enough action so we decided to take a new approach. We are working on a new concept called the Little River Journal. It is a free magazine format that will be available for you this fall. I loaded some new software on my Mac and have already started working on the design. Lefty just sent me 4 articles on CD. I got them yesterday. So, he appears to be gone. But he is not. When he and I talked a week or so ago we decided to work together from now on. We also added a new forum "Fly Fishing Around the World". Paula moved Hans' new post about fishing in Finland in as the first of hopefully many.

    Thanks for all your support.


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    He is a great resource to have access to
    "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
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