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    Im moving back up to knoxville Aug. 10th for school, I know it may be to far in advanced but any suggestions where I can take my dad to fish? I definatly would like to hit up a new stream, I fish the little river enough. Possibly a short backpack trip?? Possibly float the clinch or something, I just need to be on the water? Any suggestions?

    Also I have planned on joinin TU for sometime now, are meetings still held in maryville because I noticed on Little River TU chapter website the next meeting is goin to be held at Bass Pro, is this a one time thing or a new location?
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    Welcome back UTKFF, You could take your Dad over to Greenbrier and fish for rainbows and specks. Water temps are good and easily accessed without too much of a hike.
    The LRTU chapter hold meetings at Bass Pro about 4 times a year. Go upstairs, the meeting room is by the boot and hunting clothes dept. I plan on attending this month since its close to home and work. Should be a good meeting with Bob Hodge.

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