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Thread: Holston river below Cherokee Dam

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    Default Holston river below Cherokee Dam

    Does anyone have any suggestions for where to fish below Cherokee Dam. I heard that access points are hard to come by on that stretch of the river. I'm new to this sport and any and all advice is welcome. Where to go and what to use.

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    Yea hey man... acess is hard to come by near the dam. However there is some pretty good fishing in the first couple of shoals right below the dam... again it is not easy to get there. There is extremely flat water right below the dam, and it is about a 30 min. walk/ hike through the water to get to the faster water (that is if your booking it), if your in a canoe or kayak its eaiser acess but you do not wanna be out there when they start generating any water because then you have to paddle back upstraem ... I do not advise trying this. OR the only other option is to do an extremly long float (unless you know someone who will let you pull you boat out on their property) down to naces ferry. If your willing to walk its okay, and it can be great fishing... you wont have much actual fishing time though because they start generating very early in the day as of late (like 10 or 11 AM). Also, for some reason the fish on the Holston seem to wake up about 8 30 or 9 (so i hear) and going really early in teh morning does not really help anything... so if your willing to walk go ahead... My advice try a different river. Acess is easier to find on some other rivers. Good luck mate. Glad you picked up the sport!

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    The best place to wade-in on the Holston is at Nances Ferry. However, the Holston typically gets too hot later in the summer to fish with any success. With temps where they've been I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case now, but I don't know for sure. Anyone been out there lately?

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