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Thread: Speaking of Fiberglass Rods

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    Default Speaking of Fiberglass Rods

    Have any of you fished with a McFarland fiberglass rod. I have a couple of Diamondglass rods and I'm looking into buying a new glass rod.

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    Default Glass rods

    Troutdude (cool name!), Trying to get a fiberglass flyrodders conclave get together in Townsend the end of October. If it works out, there will lots of new and vintage rods to lawn cast and area fishing trips. I know several people have Mcfarlands and will probably bring them. I am up to 3 glass rods now myself, 3wt lami, 5wt diamondglass and a vintage fenwick 7wt with a nice 70's martin 67a reel.
    Contact me for more info....Gary

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