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    I was up north on Tuesday and Wednesday and we fished the Conneaut, the Ash, and the Grand. All 3 had decent water levels, but all the fish we caught were in holes 1 to 4 feet deep. We fished the Connie in and just south of the city of Conneaut. We fished the ford and about a mile downstream on the Ash. We fished areas of the Grand near Rte. 86 and 44 in and around Painesville. We also looked at a feeder stream for the Grand, but there wasn’t enough water for the fish to get through.
    At the end of a set of riffles on the Connie was a log that had 3 to 4 foot deep water. We stood there for 2 hours taking turns catching fish under this log. I believe we hooked 21 and landed 8. They ranged from 8 to 10 pounds and were very fresh. All fish except 3 were caught between 8 and 11 am.
    Almost all of the fish we caught and saw caught were hooked on Wooly and Mini Buggers, followed by egg patterns, followed by nymphs. Even with eggs and spawn as droppers, 95% were caught on the buggers. I got one streamer fishing using a Gummy Minnow. It was a 9+ pounder and almost broke my wrist. It were fun.
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    Default Steelhead

    Please post some pictures! Sounds like quite a day,21 hooked and 8 landed!

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