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Thread: small stream i.d.

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    Default small stream i.d.

    Just got in to Townsend from Louisville. If anyone has a stream I should check out just say the word. Right now I am at the KOA, but at 37 a night for a tent site I think I am headed into the park. I fished a small creek in pisgah right off the freeway. It went straight up a hill and passed through a cement tunnel at one point. If anyone knows the name of this creek so I can mapquest it it would be a great help. If you are out and see a green nissan pathfinder with pink ky plates, stop and say hello.
    See you on the water,
    Christopher Fisher

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    If you are looking to camp in the park I would head into the campground at Elkmont....the LR runs right through the campground and you can fish this stream as high as you can walk in a day....river forks about 3.5 miles up from the trailhead and either side is good fishing.

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