Close Up View of a Fly Rod Made by Walter Babb

Walter Babb Bamboo Fly Rods For Sale Directly From Walter

Over the past 20-years, I’ve made 285 bamboo fly rods. Most were custom rods for customers, some were gifts, some were rods for various charity auctions. Many were prototypes. I would see a taper that interested me, and I would make a rod. This is what I would fish with. Also, they were the rods customers would test cast to help them decide which rod they wanted. All these rods are good casters and the one’s I’ve fished with are very good. If anyone would like to test cast any of these rods, or has questions about them, call me at 423-337-6772 and I will be glad to help.

I made all rods on this list except #8.

Walter Babb

1.  Digger's 'Flea' 6' 2 Pc. 1 - 2 Wt. - $850
Single tip flamed 1- 2 wt. Cork Skeleton reel seat with black sliding bands. Light Brown Guide wraps. The only true I weight I've made, Close casting is better with a 2 wt. A small stream, small trout rod , perfect for Brook Trout. med-slow action. Cordura rod tube

 2. Digger's Big Eddy' 6' 4" 2 Pc. 3 wt. - $850.00
Rush River Leonard style Cap + Ring Reel Seat with figured maple, stained Golden Walnut spacer. Blued Hardware ...Metal tube. Great caster.

3. Digger's' Delicate' 6’ 6" 2 Pc. 2 wt. $750.00
Singletip - ( flamed) Random node Stagger, Cork skeleton reel seat with black sliding bands. Lt. Brown guide wraps. Blued hardware. PVC tube, Fast action cast a 2 or 3 wt .

4. Digger's Pretty Darn Good Rod 7' 2 Pc. 4 wt. $750.00
Single tip ( flamed ) Random Node stagger with Venneiri reel seat and Cocobolo Spacer. Cap & Ring Brown Guide Wraps, PVC tube. Med. Fast action. One of Digger's Best tapers.

5. Digger's Fast Action 7' 3" 2 pc. 4- 5 wt. - $800.00
Single tip ( flamed ) Originally a 7 footer, I made it 3 " longer. One of my personal fishing rods. Struble D - 27 reel seat, Burl Madrone Spacer. PVC tube. Fast Action. Rust gold wraps

6. Digger's' Big Water' 8’ 0" 2 pc. 6 wt. - $800.00
Single tip ( Flamed) PVC tube. CSE DL Screwlock Seat Walnut spacer. Powerful, fast action rod made for tailwater fishing. Rusty Orange Wraps,

7. The Jay Dee 7’ 0" 2 pc. 5 - 6 wt. - $750.00
(flamed) Garrison Style cap + ring with cork barrel spacer. Taper came from the Planing Form. Great rod, cast close , far and all distances in between. PVC tube. Fast Action. I made for my own use.

8. Walton Powell 7' 9" 2 pc. 5 wt. - $1,200
(flamed ) 2 tips. A rod I had custom made in 1970 by Walton Powell. Hand rubbed Linseed oil, finish, Full wells grip Up-locking Black Aluminum reel seat . Aluminum Powell tube.

9. SOLD - The Kanati Fork 6' 9" 2-Pc. 2-3 Wt.

10. Paul H. Young (PHY) 8’ – 813  2 PC. 5 wt. - $800.00
Single tip, (flamed). A Paul Young Taper from the 30’s or early 40's. One of my favorite Personal Fishing rods. Struble D20 uplocking reel seat with Burl Madrone spacer and Brown wraps. Medium Action. PVC Tube

11. F. E. Thomas 8' 3 pc, 5 wt . - $900.00
Single tip (flamed) REC uplocking reel Seat. Bocote wood spacer. Dark brown wraps medium fast action. Classic Thomas action PVC tube.

12. Winston 7' 2 pc. 4 weight - $750
(flamed) single tip, CSE Cap and Ring reel seat, Vermont Sugar maple spacer. Light. Brown wraps. Medium fast Action PVC tube.

13. The Greenbriar 8’ 3” 2 pc. 6 wt - $800.00
(flamed)  Downlocking REC Aluminum reel seat, KOA wood spacer. Brown Wraps. Based on an 8 ft 5 wt. Bill Harms taper. One of the best caster's I've made, Haven't fished it yet, PVC tube

14. SOLD

15. The Paragon 7' 9” 2 Pc. 4 wt. $750.00
(flamed) Random stagger. Bellinger downlocking seat with Rosewood spacer. Rust gold wraps. Loosely based on a Thramer taper. Medium Fast, sweet casting rod. PVC tube

16. Paint Creek 6' 10" 2 pc. 3 - 4 wt. – 800.00
(flamed) Medium Fast CSE downlocking cap and ring reel seat. Hormigo Negro Spacer. Brown wraps . Ron Barch rod I saw in the Planing Form, like all his tapers, a great casting small stream rod. PVC Tube

17. Barch Taper #88, 7' 4" 2 pc. 5 - 6 - 7 wt. - $800.00
(flamed ) CSE DL cap and ring reel seat, Hormigo Negro Spacer. Rusty orange wraps . Ron Barch made this rod for Smallmouth and Musky for a small stream that had to be fished in a boat. Powerful , fast rod, that I made for myself, to fish Bald River above Henderson Branch. A seriously overgrown stream with enough big Browns to warrant a stouter rod. Anytime a shorter, fast rod is needed this is the one. PVC tube.

18. Tellico River 8’ 6" 2 p. 6 wt. 2 different tips. one dry and one nymph - $1,050.00
A longer Version of a Paul H. Young Para 15. Actually it's a Para 16, My personal rod I made for
larger streams. REC Black Aluminum Downlocking Reel Seat, cocobolo spacer. Dry fly tip tipped red + green, Nymph tip tipped black. Brown thread wraps.

19.  Spring Creek 8’ 3” 2 piece  4 wt. - $800.00
(unflamed ) CSE uplocking screwlock seat, maple wood spacer, gold wraps. Loosely
based on a Thramer taper . A sweet casting rod . One of the best I've made. Medium Fast action. PVC tube.

20. Garrison 193 6’ 9" 2 pc. 3 - 4 wt. - $800.00
(flamed) CSE cap and ring reel seat, Hormigo Negro spacer. Garrison's midge rod . Like all Garrison's, sweet casting and great roll casters. PVC Tube. Brown wraps. Medium Action.

21. Citico Creek 8’ 0” 2 pc. 5 wt. - $800.00
(flamed) Bellinger 680 Dwonlocking screw lock seat, walnut spacer. Brown thread wraps. Made 3 inch longer version of a Payne Parabolic. Powerful medium action rod. PVC tube.

22. Gould Double Parabolic 7’ 10" 2 pc. 6 weight - $800.00
(flamed) CSE Large cap & ring Tamboti Spacer, Brown wraps. Fast powerful rod . A good smallmouth or big dries at dusk rod. Ray Gould taper. PVC tube.

23. Abrams Creek, 8’ 0”  2 piece, 5 - 6 wt. - $800.00
(flamed) / REC uplocking screw lock seat with KOA spacers and brown wwraps. Based on
an Edwards taper. Medium fast rod. Great caster. PVC tube.

24. Halstead 8' 6'' 3 Pc, 5- 6 wt. $850.00
(flamed ) Bellinger 680 downlocking reel seat walnut spacer, brown wraps. Medium action. Smooth casting rod. PVC tube.

25. Paul H. Young Driggs River 7’ 2" 2 Piece 5 weight - $800.00
(unflamed ) CSE Cap & ring spalted maple spacer, gold wraps. One of Paul Young’s best tapers and a favorite of mine. PVC Tube. Fast parabolic action.

26. Orvis 7’  2 Piece 3 wt. - $800.00
(flamed) cork skeleton reel seat, 2 black rings, gold wraps. One of the best 3 weight rods. Medium fast action. PVC tube.

27. Paul H. Young Texas General 8’ 6 " 2 pc. 7 - 8 wt. - $800.00
(flamed) Uplocking titanium reel seat, walnut spacer, olive wraps. Fast Action. One of the best Bass Bugging rods I've ever cast. PVC tube.

28. Dickerson 8' 6" 8'0'' 3 pc. 5 weight - $750.00
(flamed) Uplocking reel seat, light walnut spacer, brown wraps. Fast Action fantastic dry fly rod. Dickerson's best 3 pc. rod. PVC tube. Reel seat not being top quality is reason for the lower price. A real bargain top flight fishing rod.

29. Cross Sylph 7' 2 pc, 5 - 6 - 7 - $800.00
(unflamed) Tan wraps, CSE Large cap & ring reel seat, Hormigo Negro spacer. Fast Action . This was the Cross Rod Company's best taper. Made when Wes Jordan was their top rod builder. Unbelievable power for a short rod. PVC tube

30. Dickerson 7011 7' 2 pc, 2-3-4 wt. - $800.00
(unflamed) CSE cap & ring seat tiger maple spacer. A very versatile rod. Cast a 2 wt. DT Mastery, a 3 wt Cortland Sylk, and a 4 wt. Cortland 444 DT. A Sweet cast, slow rod, unusual for a Dickerson who was famous for fast rods and boat rods. PVC tube, translucent orange wraps.

31. J.J's Rod 7' 2 Pc. 4 wt. - $650.00
( flamed) CSE Large cap+ ring walnut spacer, olive wraps . A really good casting 4 wwight. Taper design by Chris Bogart in honor of a fallen fisherman friend. One Invisible wrap makes this rod a bargain. Cover's a blemish. Doesn't affect rod. PVC tube. Medium fast action.

32. Thramer 8' 2 pc, 5 wt. - $800.00
(Flamed) Struble U-8 reel seat, walnut spacer, Dark Brown wraps, A. J. Thramer taper made by me. Sweet Casting rod. Medium fastAction. PVC tube.

33. Karstetter Challenge Rod 8' 6” 2 Pc. 5 wt. - $850.00
(flamed) Bellinger N80 downlocking reel seat, walnut spacer, brown wraps. Absolutely the best 8' 6" 5 wt. Cane rod I've ever Cast. Sweet, progressive taper. Designed by Marty Karstetter. Won the casting Competition at the Catskills rod gathering . A great tailwater or Little River dry fly rod. Metal tube.

34. Orvis Nymph rod 8' 2pc. 4 wt. $800.00
(flamed ) Random node stagger Bellinger 640A DL Seat. Redwood Burl spacer. Brown Wraps
slow action. Great soft hackle rod and small nymphs. Metal tube

35. Orvis Limestone Special 8' 6" 2 pc. 5- 6 weight - $850.00
(unfamed) Bellinger 680 DL Seat. myrtle spacer. Tan wraps, Designed by Wes Jordan to fish English chalk streams. I've found it to be a good tailwater and big stream dry fly rod. Metal tube. Medium action rod.

36. Cross 7926  7' 9” 2 Piece. 6 wt. - $800.00
(flamed) CSE cap and ring reel seat, Brazilian rosewood spacer, dark brown wraps. Popular when made by the Cross Rod Company and Wes Jordan was their number one builder. Similar to later Orvis tapers. Fast Action. PVC Tube.

37. SOLD - Dickerson 8014 8'0' 2 Pc. 6 wt.

38. Paul H. Young Midge 6' 3” 2 Pc. 4 wt. $800.00
(unflamed) Rush River Rods Leonard Style cap & ring seat, figured maple stained golden walnut spacer. Translucent yellow wraps. Fast parabolic action. The best short rod taper that I know of. PVC Tube.

39. Appalachian Spring 7’ 3”  2 pc. 4 - 5 wt. - $800.00
(unflamed) 3 x 3 x 3 REC Cap & ring seat, spalted maple spacer. Translucent orange wraps. Based on a Bill Harms taper. A sweet casting small stream rod. PVC tube.

40. Kushner' Celereme  8' 8'' 2pc. 7 wt. - $850.00
(unflamed) Struble D-1 mrytle reel seat 6 1/2"modified wells grip with tan wraps. Robert Traver made Morris Kushner famous in his book Trout Madness" Morris the Rod Maker. I made this rod for myself in 2016 for smallmouth fishing in Citico Creek, Tellico River and Abrams creek. Outstanding rod. Medium fast and powerful. Metal tube.

41. The Steinmetz 7’ 9" 2 pc . 4 wt. - $850.00
(flamed) CSE cap and ring reel seat, sapele spacer, modified wells grip, burgundy wraps. Karl Steinmetz was a Knoxville attorney who was instrumental in the formation of the Smokies National Park and game and fish laws for the Cherokee National Forest . There is a monument to him on North River in a section he loved to fish dry flies. It's also my favorite piece of water and this rod is perfect for it. Metal tube.

42. The Sycamore Creek . 7' 3”  3 piecc , 4 - 5 weight - $950.00
(flamed) Black cap & ring reel seat, cork Spacer, burgundy wraps. The 3 piece version of my Sycamore Creek. taper. Crisper rod than the 2 piece. Both are fast actions. Metal tube.

43. Pezon & Michel Mirage 6' 6" 2pc. 5- 6 wt. $750.00
(flamed) Random Stagger CSE medium cap & ring Reel seat, eucalyptus burl spacer, brown wraps. French rod company made famous by Charles Ritz. Fast rod I made especially for overgrown Brookie streams in the Cherokee National forest. Plastic tube.

44. McClane's Wading Rod 7' 1” 2 Pc. 5 wt. $800.00
(flamed) CSE large cap & ring reel seat, cherry burl spacer, brown wraps. Pezon & Michel taper, thought to be the inspiration for Paul Young's Driggs River. Fast rod. Outstanding caster. PVC tube.

45. SOLD - Santeetlah Creek 7’ 9” 3 Pc. 5 wt.

46. Harms 8' 2 Pc. 5 wt. $850.00
(flamed) Brown wraps Bellinger 660 DL reel seat. Redwood Burl spacer. Sweet casting rod. Metal tube. Medium action.

47. Kushner Formula B 8' 6'' 2 pc. 6 wt. - $800.00
(flamed) random stagger CSE Screw lock DL Tiger Maple spacer. Gold wraps. Another great Morris Kushner taper. Medium action. Metal tube.

48. Payne 214 7’ 9" 2 pc, 6 weight - $850.00
(flamed ) Garrison style cap & ring seat, chechen spacer burgundy wrap. One of the Payne’s parabolics. Fast, powerful rod that will cast a lot of line. Metal tube.

49. Payne 262 7' 1”  2 Pc. 3 – 4 weight - $850.00
(flamed) CSE medium cap & ring seat, claro walnut spacer, burgundy wraps. The smallest Payne parabolic. A really sweet casting medium action rod. Metal tube.

50. Gillum 7012 7’ 0" 2 Pc. 4- 5 wt. $800.00
(flamed) CSE medium cap & ring seat, butternut spacer, stained golden walnut
tan guide wraps. Fast action. Good caster. PVC tube.

51. SOLD - Barrel Pool 8’ 2" 2 piece, 5 wt.

52. Barch 8’ 6" 3 Piece. 8 wt. extra-tip - $1,000
(flamed) Struble D-one down locking reel seat, black walnut spacer, dark brown wraps. Ron Barch’s 3 piece version of Paul H. Young Para 17. Powerful rod that will cast a lot of line. One tip has red tipping, the other green. Another great Bass Bugging Rod. metal tube

53. Payne Parabolic 7' 9" 2 pc. 5 weight $850.00
(flamed ) CSE Large cap and ring seat with a  sapele spacer, brown wraps. Another of the Payne Parabolics. Big water rod, such as Little River or Tailwaters. Metal tube.

54 Kirkland Creek 7’ 2 piece 5- 6 wt. $700.00
(flamed) Random stagger black cap and ring seat cork spacer, brown wraps. A rod I made for tight cover fishing, fishing Kirkland Creek. Sometime and you will see the need. Metal tube.

55. Barnharts 8' 2" 2 pc. 5 wt. $850.00
(unflamed ) 2 x 2 x 2 stagger Struble D-one DL seat, myrtle spacer. Brown wraps. Based on a Gillum taper. Medium action. Metal tube.

56. The Beaverkill 8' 4” 3 Pc. 6 weight - $950.00
(flamed) Struble D-8 down locking seat, walnut spacer brown wraps. Based on a Dickerson taper. Best big water trout rod I've made. Fast but smooth action. Metal tube.

57 Paul H. Young Martha Marie 7' 6" 2 pc. 6 weight - $750.00
(flamed) CSE large reel seat, tiger maple, stained golden walnut spacer, Granger green thread wraps. Paul Young's wife, Martha, was by all accounts, a great fisher person. This was the rod she used for everything. It's a great all purpose rod. PVC Tube.

58. SOLD - The West Prong 7' 6" 2 Pc. 5 wt

59. Garrison 209 E 7' 9" 2 PC. 5 wt. $800.00
(unflamed) Garrison style reel seat, KOA spacer, brown wraps. This was one of the 3 or 4 rods I fished most often. Garrison rods are very accurate casters and great roll casting rods. Medium
progressive action . PVC tube.

60. Paul H. Young Princess 7' 0" 2 Pc, 5 wt. $800.00
(flamed) CSE medium reel seat, lilac spacer. Bailey Wood, of CSE, asked me if I wanted a couple of lilac spacers, when I ordered supplies. I put one on this rod and one on a customer's rod. I think it's the prettiest wood I've used . Wish I had some more , The Princess was Paul Young's last taper , before his death in 1960. It's very similar to the Drigg's River. I fished this rod for a few years and it's a good one . PVC tube. Rust gold wraps

61. SOLD - Paul H. Young Perfectionist