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  • Sarah Weeks has tied at many Free Tying Demonstrations over the years.
  • Byron Begley making poppers.
  • Dean Campbell tying for a group of folks.
  • Three legends in fly fishing, from left to right, Jack Gregory, Joe Humphreys and Walter Babb.
  • Jack Gregory tying in front of a group.
  • John Therman from Norris, Tennessee is a regular tyer at the shop.
  • Kevin Howell who owns Davidson River Outfitters, tying a few years ago.
  • Mike Bone, a guide in our area tying for some fans.
  • Dave Duffy ties as Powell Partridge, David Anderson, Dave Carson and Jim Gleaves look on.
  • Ray Ball tying for a group of spectators.
  • Ray Ball taking a break.
  • Tim Doyle has always been a regular fly tyer at the shop.
  • Wendy Boyd concentrates on the job at hand.

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Free Fly Tying Demonstrations at Little River Outfitters...a lasting tradition.

We have been holding Free Fly Tying Demonstrations at Little River Outfitters for almost 20 years. In fact, we hold lots of free events for our customers to enjoy. Our Free Fly Tying Demonstrations are held during the Winter on Saturdays. We may have one, two or three on any given day.

It gives people something to do when the weather is bad and fishing may be slow.

You don’t have to be a fly tyer to get a lot out of these Saturday events. You will be talking to expert anglers. You can ask questions and learn about fishing specific rivers or lakes.

These small events last for 4 hours, between 10 am and 2 pm. They are subject to be called off due to snow or ice storms. But, for the most part, they happen, as scheduled.

We will post our 2015 schedule below late Fall. If you are coming, and bad weather is looming, check our fishing report to make sure the event has not been canceled.

Just show up at the shop, grab a fresh cup of coffee, warm up by the fireplace then sit down to enjoy and learn. It will certainly be worth your time and be beneficial to your fly fishing in the future.

See you this Winter 2016.

Free Fly Tying Demonstration Schedule 2016

To be scheduled soon.

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Fly Tying Classes at Little River Outfitters