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Dan Munger's Journal

Dan Munger with a Musky caught on a fly.

Dan Munger with a Smallmouth Bass


Dan Munger’s Journal is a new group of pages on our website.  Dan will be writing and adding new stories over time for your enjoyment.

Dan grew up in Alabama and developed a love for fishing at a young age.  He has told me about fishing with his grandfather many times. Most of his fishing in Alabama was done on lakes. He was introduced to fly fishing when he was 14 years old. 

Dan graduated from Auburn University with a degree in geography and GPS mapping.  From there, he moved to Colorado, where he worked at Rocky Mountain National Park.  While living in the Park, he fly fished the streams in and around his home. He started guiding clients there while working with a fly shop in Estes Park, Colorado on weekends.

Dan has traveled extensively, fly fishing, including South America and recently, British Columbia, which is the first story featured in his journal.

Dan moved to this area to work as a guide at Blackberry Farm in 2011. Since moving here, where he fishes usually 2 days per week, he has sampled the many species offered in our area, but does it with a fly rod.  Those species include carp, striper, musky, white bass, largemouth bass and trout.

He joined the Little River Outfitters management team in October of 2014.  He runs every aspect of our school program, which has grown substantially since he took over.  He also works with customers and ordering merchandise.  He and Daniel are working on a new online catalog for the company.

He is very active with Trout Unlimited, Project Healing Waters and is pursuing casting instructor certification from the International Federation of Fly Fishers.

Dan has become a very close friend of mine as he has to many other people in East Tennessee.  He is a talented and fine person. He’s the kind of guy I would want my daughter to marry, if I had one.

Enjoy Dan’s writing by clicking on the links below.

Byron Begley

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A beautiful river in British Columbia 
British Columbia 2015 by Dan Munger

I should probably start by saying that traveling to a new place to fly fish is one of my favorite things in the world to do. Any of my friends or family that have gone on a trip with me or allowed me to go on a trip with them have seen it firsthand. With that being said, I think apologies are in order for those people that see me often, because within the next few weeks they will hear me talk over and over about how incredible British Columbia is.


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Korkers Whitehorse Wading Boot 
Korkers Whitehorse Wading Boot Review
By Dan Munger

Here in East Tennessee, we are lucky to have a vast majority of fishing options within a short drive. Because of the diversity of fishing conditions, finding the right type of wading boot is one of the toughest decisions that an East Tennessee Angler has to make. For the past 6 months, I’ve been wearing a pair of versatile boots that can make the decision a little easier.

For starters, I am convinced that the Smoky Mountains are the slickest place on the planet to try and catch a trout. Anyone that has tried to navigate the angled, Vaseline-covered ice sheets of bedrock in Abrams Creek knows exactly what I’m talking about. For that reason, I would venture to say that at least 90% of anglers in the Smokies wear felt-soled wading boots.


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