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This is an old Smoky Mountain fly that has been around for years. I’ve seen several variations on the materials and colors used for this fly over the years. I find it most effective in the late spring when the Sulphurs and Cahills are hatching.

Hazel Creek Dry Fly
Hook: TMC100
Thread: Uni 8/0 Light Cahill
Wing: Cream Hen Hackle Tips
Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippets
Body: Pale Yellow Superfine
Hackle: 1 Grizzly and 1 Coachman Brown

Photo Step 1  

Step 1: Prepare 2 hen hackle feathers for tie in. I like the wings to be the length of the hook and at least a hook gap wide. Generic hen hackle with nice rounded tips will look better than some of the higher grade hen hackle with sharper pointed tips.

Photo Step 2

Step 2: Start the thread at the mid point on the hook shank and advance it to about the 2/3 point. Place the hen hackles with the curved sides back to back pointing outwards. This will make separating them easier in the next step. Tie in the hackles at the 2/3 point on the hook facing forward towards the hook eye. Try to get the hackles on top of the hook the best you can.

Photo Step 3

Step 3: Stand the hen hackle upright by bending the hackle slightly upwards and build a small thread dam in front of the hackle.

Photo Step 4

Step 4: Place a couple of figure 8 thread wraps between the hackles. If they stick together at first just flick them with your finger to separate them. Make the figure 8 wraps so that the hen hackles are bent slightly downward and out from the center axis of the hook.

Photo Step 5

Step 5: Tie in 8 to 10 Golden Pheasant Tippets for the tail. The tail should be the length of the hook shank. Try to form a smooth tapered underbody with your tying thread.

Photo Step 6

Step 6: Dub your body to the halfway point on the hook.  Tie in your first hackle below and beside the wing nearest you. I tie in my hackles in the order I’m going to wrap them. In this case I tie in the Grizzly hackle first. Now tie in your second hackle between the wings, this will be the brown one. The reason I tie in the hackle in this order is because I want more of the brown showing than grizzly. I will make and extra wrap behind and in front of the Grizzly hackle that I wrap first. Try this on your Adams sometime. Change the order you tie in and wrap the hackle and see what a difference it makes. Some people prefer to make equal wraps behind and in front of the wing. I usually make one more wrap behind the wing with each hackle than I do in front of the wing. I think it helps to keep the fly from getting too heavy in the front and tipping over.

Photo Step 7

Step 7: Finished fly

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