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David Knapp fishing on Little River

Guide David Knapp Fly Fishing on a Smokies Stream -

Recommended Guides in our area.
Please contact these guides directly. Little River Outfitters is not in the guiding business.
We refer customers to these guides when our customers inquire.

We want you to have the best day of fishing possible with a professional guide when you visit our area.  Fly fishing opportunities and choices are beyond your imagination when you pick Townsend, Tennessee and the surrounding area as your fly fishing destination.

Great Smoky Mountians National Park has over 800 miles of fishable wild trout streams.  You have the chance to catch rainbow, brown and brook trout in the Smokies.  Flowing out of the Smoky Mountains are numerous lowland rivers, brimming with smallmouth bass.  Streams such as Little River, Abrams Creek, Little Pigeon and others have populations of smallmouth bass further down stream.

Tailwaters, below TVA dams in our area offer excellent trout and smallmouth bass fly fishing opportunities.  Nearby are the Clinch River, Holston River and French Broad River.  The upper reaches of the Clinch and Holston offer an excellent trout fishery. The Hiwassee isn’t far away.  Downstream on the Holston and French Broad, you will find big smallmouth bass willing to take your fly. The possibilities are endless.

Little River Outfitters is not in the guiding business.  We believe, a professional guide should keep their entire fee and tip.  We don’t get a penny from the guides on this page.  We don’t charge them to be listed on our website.  These guides have worked with us for years, helping with events, teaching our classes and providing our customers with a wonderful fly fishing experience. We trust them. They are our friends.  We fish with them.  They won’t let you down.

If you are looking for an excellent guide in our area, we recommend these five guys.  Give them a call or contact them by e-mail.  Visit their websites.  Enjoy your time on the water with a great guide.    

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Fly Fishing Guide Rob Fightmaster  

Rob Fightmaster
E-Mail -

Rob is an Orvis Endorsed Guide who specializes in wade fishing for mountain trout. He mostly works in the Smoky Mountains but is also permitted to guide in the Cherokee National Forest in the Tellico watershed and beyond.  

We've known Rob for a long time.  He's been in the business for 30 years. He even worked at the shop early on, and is currently a fly fishing instructor at Little River Outfitters.  Rob also started the fly fishing program at Blackberry Farm years ago.

Rob is yet another great guy to spend the day with. We would not send you to anyone who wasn't. He is a patient and very good instructor.  We highly recommend Rob and consider him a very close friend.

Rob primarily guides in Great Smoky Mountains National Park for trout, Cherokee National Forest for trout and the Clinch River for trout.

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Guide David Knapp  

David Knapp
Guiding Website -
Fly Fishing Blog -
E-Mail -

We’ve known David and considered him a very good friend for many years.  He started his relationship with us as a customer.  Later, while attending college, he worked at Little River Outfitters during the Summer.  He is an outstanding angler, specializing in trout in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Caney Fork River.  You won’t find a nicer guy, nor a better angler.  His love of the sport, his photography and writing prove how dedicated he is to fly fishing.  He is an excellent teacher, in fact he was a high school teacher at one time.

You will enjoy your day with David.

David primarily guides in Great Smoky Mountains National Park for trout, the Caney Fork River for trout and wade trips for smallmouth bass in streams on the Cumberland Plateau.

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Fly fishing guide Josh Pfeiffer  

Captain Josh Pfeiffer
E-Mail -

Visit Josh’s website and see the pictures of those huge smallmouth bass.  He’s the man when it comes to smallies.  He is also an excellent trout guide in the Smokies and on the area tailwaters.

Josh offers a lot of choices when it comes to guided trips which can be beneficial when the weather dictates choices to be made.  Wade fishing in the Smokies, no problem.  He’s got that figured out.  Floating in a raft down Little River for smallmouth bass?  That’s an option too when the water levels are favorable.  He offers trips down the tailwaters for trout and smallmouth bass in his drift boat. 

Additionally, Josh is a fly fishing instructor at Little River Outfitters. He’s another great guy and good friend.

Josh guides in Great Smoky Mountains National Park for trout, lower Little River for smallmouth bass, Holston River and French Broad River for smallmouth bass. He offers float trips for trout on the Clinch and Holston Rivers.

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Guide Mike Bone holding a huge rainbow trout.  

Mike Bone
Cell – 865-567-7138  Office – 865-494-0972

E-Mail -

Mike has been guiding on the tailwaters in our area for nearly 20 years.  His home waters are the Clinch River and Holston River though he does stray elsewhere at times.  Mike’s specialty is trout, but many clients have been treated to some great fly fishing for smallmouth bass.  He lives in Andersonville, Tennessee, near the Clinch River. 

Mike is an accomplished bamboo rod maker and grouse hunter.  His daughter, Alex, works part-time a Little River Outfitters while attending Maryville College.

Mike is a great guy to spend the day with.  He always has a smile and laughter to go with it.  He has been guiding longer than any of our recommended guides and he still loves it.

Mike primarily guides on the Clinch River and Holston River for trout.

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Fly Fishing Guide Michael "Rocky" Cox  

Captain Michael “Rocky” Cox
E-Mail -

That’s right, Rocky has his US Coast Guard Captains License.  He has been a professional guide since 2001, specializing in drifting the tailwaters for trout.  Rocky takes clients to the Clinch, Holston and Cumberland Rivers.  He knows the rivers and understands the trout.  He is also patient and friendly, very easy going.

Client feedback is excellent, as it is with all the guides on this page.  We consider Rocky a close friend and we are proud to recommend him for your next fly fishing excursion.

Michael “Rocky” Cox primarily guides on the Clinch River, Holston River and Cumberland River for trout.

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Guide Hagan Wonn  

Hagan Wonn

E-Mail -

Hagan lives in Somerset, Kentucky and guides on the Cumberland River, below Wolf Creek Dam. He guides his clients in his beautiful, all-wood drift boat. I have spent several days, on the river, with Hagan in that boat. And, with him, I hooked but did not land, the largest brown trout in my life. Hagan is a great guy to fish with and we have become friends over the years. He knows the Cumberland River well.

Hagan is a forester by education and trade. He guides when he is not managing or acquiring land. Hagan does not have a website. He doesn’t need one. Hagan’s customers know how to reach him. Now, you do to.

The Cumberland River is a beautiful tailwater to float and the trout fishing is excellent. It contains healthy populations brook, brown and rainbow trout. When I fish with Hagan, I always stay at Lake Cumberland State Park. They have some very nice cabins there, at a reasonable price. A lodge is also available, as well as a restaurant that is open year-round. The Park is located near where you will be fishing.    Byron

Hagan asked me to tell you, there is a nice cabin, right at the private launch ramp he uses. I've seen this cabin. It is on the river. Ask Hagan about the cabin when you contact him about a guided trip on the Cumberland River. This is a very convenient option and a great place to stay.

Hagan guides on the Cumberland River below Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky.

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