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Little River Outfitters 2023-2024 Events Schedule

Little River Outfitters building and parking lot.


  • Saturday November 11 - Matt Dixon - 10am - 2pm

  • Saturday November 18 - Jonathan Yeager - 10am - 2pm

  • Saturday November 25 - Clayton Gist - 10am - 2pm
    • Clayton is the real “Most Interesting Man in the World”. He has traveled and fished throughout the world and the US. He’s one of the fly tying instructors for the Clinch River Chapter Trout Unlimited and he’s an expert at tying and fishing midges on tailwaters, especially the San Juan River in New Mexico.
  • Sunday November 26 - Kendall Mayers - 1pm - 3pm
    • Kendall grew up in Seymour fishing just about everywhere around here. He’s been guiding at Blackberry Farm for 5 years. When he’s not guiding, he’s fishing for carp and smallmouth on the Little Pigeon. Kendall will be tying a Village Idiot - a carp/smallmouth/everything fly he designed. He’ll also tie some Redfish patterns. Carp and Redfish are wildly similar so it’ll be a cool way to incorporate some saltwater flies.
  • Saturday December 2 - Walter Babb - 10am - 2 pm
    • Walter is a true East Tennessee fishing legend. Recently inducted into the Southern Appalachia’s Fly Fishing Hall of Fame Walter has fished the Smokies since he was a boy. Walter will be tying classic Smoky Mountain patterns and share stories about them.
  • Sunday December 3 - Townsend Christmas Parade - 2pm - 4pm
    • The Townsend Christmas Parade starts at the Townsend Visitor Center and ends at Nawger Knob.  US 321 will be CLOSED to car traffic for this period of time.  Expect delays.  You can bypass Townsend by taking the Foothills Parkway from Walland to Wears Valley.
  • Saturday December 9 - Bob Stephan - 10am - 2 pm​​​​​​
    • Bob is president of the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited and one of the instructors for their fly tying class. Bob has many years of experience fishing and tying flies. He’ll be tying his favorite tailwater flies.
  • Sunday December 10 - Rocky Cox - 1pm - 3pm
    • His mom calls him Michael. Everyone else calls him Rocky. He’ll be tying will tying terrestrials and cicadas. Rocky is a guide based in the Knoxville area and frequently guides on the Clinch and Holston and in addition the Cumberland and Caney Fork.
  • Saturday December 16 - Jack Gregory - 10am - 2 pm
    • Jack is one of the best Smokies fishermen there is.  He is a wealth of knowledge for all things fishing.  Jack will likely tie a variety of his favorite flies for catching trout in the mountains. 
  • Sunday December 17 - Project Healing Waters - 1pm - 3pm
    • PHWFF began in 2005 to serve wounded military service members returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. On this day, we’ll host men and women from PHWFF to get together and tie flies. Come on out and watch them tie their favorite flies.
  • Saturday January 6 - Marty Statton - 10am - 2 pm
    • Marty guides on the San Juan River. A southern hybrid with roots in Texas and Tennessee. After cutting his teeth guiding in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, he moved west to the San Juan River where his father introduced him to the fly rod at an early age. Midges and baetis are must haves on tailwaters, so bring out the magnifying glass!
  • Sunday January 7 - Clayton Gist - 1pm - 3pm
    • Clayton makes an encore appearance to tie and talk about tying midges for our local tailwaters and the San Juan where he has fished and guided for many years. You won’t believe how anyone can tie and fish these small flies. But, you gotta have them for tailwaters!
  • Saturday January 13 - Jack Gregory - 10am - 2 pm
    • Jack’s back! Here’s your chance to pick up insider information on the trout in the Smokies. If you’ve been getting skunked, come out and watch Jack tie flies that work and learn how to fish them. Just don’t expect to hear where they work!
  • Sunday January 14 - Bob Stephan - 1pm - 3pm
    • If you want to see effective flies tied by an expert tyer make plans to come to the Shop to see Bob. Bob is president of the Clinch River Chapter Trout Unlimited and one of the instructors for their fly tying course.
  • Saturday January 20 - Tic Smith - 10am - 2 pm
  • Sunday January 21 - Rob Fightmaster - 1pm - 3pm

  • Saturday January 27 - Steve & Tom Brown - 10am - 2 pm
  • Sunday January 28 - Justin Pugh - 1pm - 3pm
  • Saturday February 3 - Bryan Begbie - 10am - 2pm
    •   Bryan Begbie runs the fishing program at Blackberry Farm.  He is a guide and fishes the Smokies, the tailwaters and even tries his hand at musky.  Bryan is going to be tying a selection of guide flies he uses around the area.
  • Sunday February 4 - David Knapp - 1pm - 3pm

  • Saturday February 10 - Jayson Alexander - 10am - 2pm
    • Jayson is a local artist and angler.  We sell his stickers and his spinners. 
  • Sunday February 11 - Jimmy Jones - 1pm - 3pm

  • Saturday February 17 - Bill Boyd Jr & Joslyn - 10am - 2pm
  • Sunday February 18 -  - 1pm - 3pm

  • Saturday February 24 - Ray Ball - 10am - 2pm
  • Sunday February 25 -  - 1pm - 3pm

  • Saturday March 2 - Walter Babb - 10am - 2pm
  • Sunday February 25 - Chris Bean - 1pm - 3pm

These demonstrations are free. No reservation is necessary. All you have to do is show up at the Shop. This schedule could change due to unforeseeable circumstances, including weather conditions, sickness or other causes. Check the FISHING REPORT where any cancellations or changes will be posted or call 865-448-9459 if you have any questions.

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