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Beautiful River in the Great Smoky Mountains

The Fishing Report 11/02/17 Great Smoky Mountains National Park and East Tennessee
Time of Readings 5:36 am Eastern Time Zone : CFS=Cubic Feet Per Second
Fishing Gauge indicating fishing is good.

Water Temperature Little River
Stream Flow
Rainfall 2017 YTD Knoxville Apt
Rainfall Normal YTD Knoxville Apt


51.8 Fahrenheit
2.11 Feet 222 CFS

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Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

If you do not see today’s Fishing Report, please refresh your browser to empty your cache.

Welcome to the Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains. At 5:36 am, the temperature is 59.9 degrees.

Today will be partly sunny with a high temperature in the low 70’s. Every day this week, through Sunday, the high temps will be in the 70’s. Lows at night will be in the 50’s. There is a chance for rain tonight and every day through the weekend. The chance is low most days except Friday night and Saturday.

Little River if flowing at 222 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 2.11 feet on the flow gauge. Median flow for this date is 109 cfs. The water temperature is 51.8 degrees this morning at the lowest elevation, inside the Park, on Little River.

So, we have plenty of water, not too much, and not too little. The water temperatures will be good all week, especially in the low to mid elevations. Depending on how much rain we get Friday night and Saturday, fishing should be very good all weekend. Too much rain could spoil the fishing. The chance for rain is currently 50% both days. It may not rain at all.

Nymphs, dry flies or streamers should all work. I would start with nymphs. As the water warms during the days this week, I might switch to dry flies. You may see aquatic insects on the water. They may be blue wing olives, caddis or small black stoneflies. You may see midges, especially in slow flat pools. If you see them, and trout rising, switch to dry flies.

Rickey sent me an e-mail yesterday, asking about nymph sizes. I have always used sizes #12 through #16, with no reason why I choose one or the other. Try different sizes. Find what the trout want. I really don’t think it matters. You might even do well with big ones, something like a #2 Girdle Bug.

If the water is low, I have always used smaller nymphs. My favorite nymph patterns are Tellico, Pheasant Tail, Prince or Hare’s Ear. I have probably caught more fish on a Pheasant Tail than any other, when fishing in the Park.

We launched the new online store yesterday. It looks pretty good. The banner at the top is distorted. I’ll fix that today or tomorrow. I spent much of the afternoon yesterday changing the menus on the main website, to link to the new store. We have 41 pages on the main website. You can see the new online store by CLICKING HERE, from the menu above, or from any of the ads you see on this page.

After a doctor appointment this morning, I will begin launching our updated website, with links to the new store. The new store has all the new Fishpond fly fishing gear for the 2018 season on it now. I think there are about 20 new Fishpond items on the site. Some are available now, while others will be ready to sell in about a week.

This new online store is very mobile friendly. For instance, the category banners were made one size for a computer or tablet. If you are using a phone, you will see a different image. Shrink the browser window on a computer to the size of a phone, and you will see the images change.

We had to remove several thousand archived fishing reports from our server. They all have links to the old online store. Search engines hate broken links. I still have them saved on three hard drives. We may use all or some later.

I will spend the Winter adding more gear and flies to the new store. We are talking about adding a fly tying department to the online store, probably next Summer.

Fly Tyers Weekend will be held this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 9 to 5. I think the tent, that will be erected today behind the shop has a floor space of about 1,800 square feet. Fly tyers will be demonstrating all day. Up to 24 will be tying at once. The shifts will change at 1 pm. Over 40 fly tyers will be tying through the weekend. Daniel and Dave have off-site parking worked out. They may have a shuttle but I’ve not heard anything about that in a few days.

Food will be served by Casting for Recovery inside the store.

This event is free. Just show up. I have not been involved in the planning. The guys at the shop did that. I was hoping to take a week or two off beginning tomorrow, after our new online store launched. I have not had a day off since August. But, I don’t want to miss Fly Tyers Weekend, so I’ll be there as an attendee.

Our neighbor called yesterday. He wants me or Paula to descend into Butter Cave to drain the pipes that water our gardens. I had two cave exploring episodes as a youngster, that left me claustrophobic the rest of my life. Though I have driven by the cave thousands of times and walked by it almost that often, I’ve never been inside. Heck, I’ve never looked inside.

To put my anxiety into perspective, I had to take two valiums once, before having an MRI. We live about a mile from Tuckaleechee Caverns. I know the owners well. I've never been inside.

I have a recent Butter Cave USGS survey, that indicates the highest height at about 12 feet to the ceiling. We have another cave that runs through our property, emptying a stream into the spring creek behind our house. I know two local guys who almost drowned in that cave, due to a storm at White Oak Sinks. The water came up and they barely got out.

The entrance to Butter Cave is a small hole in the ground, that descends to the first large room. An 8-foot ladder will serve as steps. We are all going to meet at the cave this evening, to decide who goes in. Paula is ten years younger than me and more agile. I think she will do just fine.

If I draw the short straw, I'll take some photos to share with you. What if there is a bear in there?  

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 2, 2017

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