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Beautiful River in the Great Smoky Mountains

The Fishing Report 11/10/17 Great Smoky Mountains National Park and East Tennessee
Time of Readings 5:49 am Eastern Time Zone : CFS=Cubic Feet Per Second
Fishing Gauge indicating fishing is between slow and good.

Water Temperature Little River
Stream Flow
Rainfall 2017 YTD Knoxville Apt
Rainfall Normal YTD Knoxville Apt


50.9 Fahrenheit
2.47 Feet 363 CFS

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Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

If you do not see today’s Fishing Report, please refresh your browser to empty your cache.

Welcome to the Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains. At 5:49 am, the temperature is a chilly 39.2 degrees.

The cold front has arrived. Today will be sunny with a high temperature in the mid-50’s, plunging to high 20’s or low 30’s tonight. It will warm some this weekend, at night. Lows will be in the mid-30’s to low 40’s. Expect high temperatures in the 50’s. There is no chance for rain today through Sunday, with only a slight chance Sunday evening.

Little River is flowing at 363 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 2.47 feet on the flow gauge. Median flow for this date is 149 cfs. The water temperature is 50.9 degrees this morning.

Flows are on the high side. But, they are not too high to fish at all. Some fishermen prefer higher water. You may find some areas on Little River that are swift, so be careful wading. Avoid wading in those areas. Some smaller streams may be more wading friendly.

You don’t have to wade much anyway. If you are moving upstream and the bank is on your right, cast over your left shoulder using your right or left hand. I cast with my right hand. But, I do much of my casting in small streams over my left shoulder. It takes practice to become accurate.

You can also roll cast and you should. Roll casting is very accurate and you don’t have to worry about hanging in tree limbs behind or to the side of you.

Water temperatures are fine now, in the low elevations. They are probably OK in the mid elevations today. I would fish the West Prong or Middle Prong of Little River. I would fish the East Prong above “The Sinks”, probably at Metcalf Bottoms and above. Elkmont may be fine today.

Upper Abrams Creek will be good, near the trailhead. I don’t know what the traffic situation will be there this weekend. The loop road could be crowded or maybe not.

Tonight will be cold. Water temperatures will fall.  I don’t know how cold they will be. You may want to wait a while tomorrow, for the water to warm some, before going fishing. Saturday night will be warmer.

I would use nymphs and get them down. If you see a hatch, and trout feeding on top, switch to a dry fly. You may see blue wing olives and other aquatic insects on the surface.

It is going to be chilly but comfortable if you dress appropriately. The higher you go, the cooler it will be, maybe. I did check the weather forecast for the higher elevations. According to the National Weather Service, the temperature difference won’t be significant in the higher elevations, compared to the valleys. I don’t know if that is correct, but that is what I read this morning. Maybe they are expecting a temperature inversion tonight. That could be happening now. There are times when the air is warmer in the high elevations, than it is in the lower valleys. That occurs when there is a temperature inversion. I can’t remember why temperature inversions happen, I just know they do, and they are rare.

Overall, it is going to be a nice weekend to be outside and fishing. You may do very well.

The last bridge of the “Missing Link” of the Foothills Parkway is finished. Now, the entire section of the parkway from Walland to Wears Valley Road has to be paved before it will be opened. Evidently, they are paving now. The parkway should be opened to the public late next year.

I can tell you, because I’ve been up there, the views of Townsend and Tuckaleechee Cove are incredible.

WBIR has a great story and video on this last “huge” step, toward finishing this Foothills Parkway 16-mile section. You can see the video and read the story by CLICKING HERE.

My project today is cutting up a large pine tree that fell on our road. My big chain saw is in the shop for service. I have two smaller saws. I think I can get most of the job done with one of those.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 10, 2017

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